Established in Edinburgh in 1834 as blenders of fine old Scotch Whiskies, Rutherford's and Company were for many years one of the principal wine and spirit merchants in Scotland's capital city.

The company now produces a range of flagons and decanters filled with its own selected whiskies, chosen for their high quality and fine character.

The whiskies used by Rutherford and Company have been drawn from distilleries throughout Scotland and then matured in oak casks for many years before being carefully blended and bottled.

The birds decanter collection depicts some of the best known game birds to be found in Great Britain - partridge, pheasant, woodcock and blackcock. Special care is taken to ensure that the quality of these ceramic decanters, available in four different colours (black, brown, green and blue), matches the quality of the blend they contain.

All decanters are manufactured exclusively in the UK.

Each decanter is packed in an individual gift carton. Each outer carton contains 6 x 70cl jugs or 96 x 5cl jugs.


A line extension of the Rutherford's British Game Birds Collection. Each presentation box holds 4 x 5cl miniature jugs, each containing a fine single malt from one of Scotland's main whisky producing areas - an 8 year old Lowland, a 10 year old Islay, a 12 year old Highland and a 14 year old Campbeltown. Compare the distinct flavours of these fine malt whiskies as you slowly sip each satisfying dram.

The outer carton holds 12 presentation pack of 4 x 5cl miniature ceramic jugs.

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